Goal 18: The Arts

The global 17 Sustainable Development Goals embody a vision for a better world.

Achieving these goals requires seeing our most pressing problems through non-traditional lenses, including The Arts.

Should the United Nations adopt The Arts as Goal #18?

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Thanks, Joel

“In 2005, in an article titled “What the Warming World Needs Now Is Art, Sweet Art,” 350.org founder Bill McKibben wrote that although we knew about climate change, we didn’t really know about it; it wasn’t part of the culture yet. “Where are the books? The plays? The goddamn operas?” he asked. An intellectual understanding of the scientific facts was not enough – if we wanted to move forward and effect meaningful change, we needed to engage the other side of our brains. We needed to approach the problem with our imagination. And the people best suited to help us do that, he believed, were the artists.”



  • Get your virtual ticket here to an online musical event July 17th 18:30 – 20:30 CET! Play:Fair for People and Planet “aims to inspire, connect and mobilize people all around the world by bringing together musicians, performing artists and local and international activists. We want to reimagine a new world where we address the global challenges of climate injustice and inequality; and ensure a sustainable food system for all. The music industry can lead the way in setting an example in how we can produce big events and take climate and the environment into account to reduce the stress on our planet.


  • It’s Time was a 2-day global, virtual climate action festival hosted by Ecologi in November 2020. Access the full program here.
  • As part of the 2021 Woodhaven Writer in Residence program, renowned playwright Chantal Bilodeau offered a free community workshop, “Envisioning a Better World Together” July 10 at the Woodhaven Eco Culture Centre in Kelowna, British Columbia. See photos from the event and more information here.
    • “These days, it feels like we are going from crisis to crisis and it can be difficult to think past a sense of constant urgency. This workshop will take advantage of the beautiful Woodhaven setting to take a step back, go beyond our frustrations with the world as it is, and start to formulate visions of the world we want,” explains Bilodeau in this article.